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What is 'Challenging Behaviour'?

It is true that all children have their moments of being challenging - episodes like having a tantrum about bed time, or refusing to do maths homework spring to mind! However, there is a difference between the usual tantrums associated with children growing up and learning about rules and boundaries, and what is classed as ‘challenging behaviour’. 

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Inspire Me to be a...Volunteer Mentor

"So often within children and young people's services, input is short lived. This is in massive contrast to the mentoring where I can meet with a young person every week for a year - allowing real connections to form." - This week, we had a chat with Joy, learning about her experiences working with children and young people as a volunteer Mentor.

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Learner story: Sam

“I’ve found the courses really, really good. It’s been a great first step back into the world of learning and education because it’s friendly, informal, and a lot of people that have come on the Essential Skills for Working with Children and Young People course have similar experiences to me."

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