See how far Souad has come since completing a BrightSparks Course


Souad was first a learner on BrightSparks' Essential Skills for Working with Children and Young People course. She then chose to further her knowledge on our Developing Emotional Resilience in Children and Young People course. We were so pleased to get this feedback from Souad and hear she is doing so well!

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Katie and Chris, my course tutors, for helping to bring back my confidence. 

The day after the Emotional Resilience course, I applied for my first post-child job as an Inclusion and Consequences Administrator at a North Yorkshire school. I had the interview on Friday and got the job ten minutes after the interview. To say I was stunned was an understatement!

I had not realised how much confidence I had lost until I was faced with the personal statement Katie and Chris asked us to do at the Essential Skills for Working With Children and Young People course. At the time I just panicked. 

Your courses have been brilliant and I hope that I can come to the Understanding Trauma and Attachment course next, though they have asked me to start as soon as possible."

- Souad, Brightsparks Learner