Great feedback from our learners!


We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all our learners at the October, November or December 2017 'Essential Skills for Working with Children & Young People' courses.

Our trainers, Katie and Chris, had a great time running the course, and were absolutely thrilled with the feedback they received:

"This course and the two amazing trainers have boosted my self-esteem and confidence to explore my next steps"
"Thank you for your time, I really enjoyed the experience and the course was well delivered"
"Been a fab experience, learnt so much that can be applied to life and working with children"
"Really liked the positive approach and the way participants were able to share their experiences. Thank you."
"This is a wonderful 3 week course. Hope I can do other BrightSparks courses."
"Thank you for the course. It gave me more knowledge in the area and confidence."

We can't wait to see what these learners go on to achieve next!

Find out more about the Essential Skills for Working With Children and Young People course here.