Applying for a job? Reflection is key.


Many people find applying for a job and attending interviews intimidating, but a bit of self reflection can really help you to succeed. 

By first reflecting on your previous experiences, learning and training, you will be much better placed to write a great application, and answer interview questions with confidence.

So, where to start?

Begin by reflecting on the transferable skills you have. What previous work experiences have you been involved in and what were the skills required? What type of skills did you have or learn which could be used in any future employment? What skills have you learnt through life experiences? For example, planning a birthday party for 20 children might have just been a favour to a friend, but it still involved organisational skills which would also be useful in a workplace.

Reflecting on past situations, training and learning is an important part of the process. You may already keep a reflective log or journal which you can refer to when necessary. If not, start one!

A reflective log or journal is a document which helps to keep a record of any learning you have had access to. It can help to reflect on the learning or training you have done, and how what you have learnt can be used in your work. Recording your experiences and learning is a  useful document to record your progression and monitor any gaps in your learning. It helps you to pinpoint the transferable skills you have and what your current strengths are.       

Attending training, undertaking research and reading on subjects relevant to the area of work for which you are interested is an indication that you are keeping up to date with requirements to work in those roles.  Voluntary work can also be very important and shows any future employer that you are serious about the direction you want to take and is an opportunity to enhance the skills you have and put them into practice.

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