Top tips to remember when working with refugees

1. Be welcoming.

 Arriving in a new city, where everything is so different to their home country can be daunting. Regardless of whether they can speak the language a warm smile and a hot drink goes a long way. Language skills will follow in time. 

2. Knowledge is power!

Help newly arrived people to understand the opportunities available. Take a whole family approach. Our courses look at the UK education system from early years to lifelong learning. 

3. Identify transferrable skills.

Refugees tend to have had careers, life experiences or volunteering roles before which mean they are a great asset to any community. Although it is not always easy to look at equivalencies for qualifications, their skills are very valid. Take a look at the designated United Kingdom National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison of International Qualifications and Skills for more details about equivalent qualifications in different countries.

4. Be quick to be kind.

You don't always know the issues that they are facing. People don't wear the trauma they have experienced like a badge. If you feel that support is needed it is there in many forms. There are Resettlement experts and charities that may have expertise in certain areas. 

5. Focus on the Facts

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about refugees. Try to arm yourself with the facts so you are more aware of the challenges they face.

6. Work together to set clear boundaries.

This will help everyone to manage expectations. 

BrightSparks has the pleasure of working with refugee learners on our Refugee Integration and Employability training course.