Learner story: Sam's experience on our Positive Futures Parenting Support course


I first heard about BrightSparks’ Positive Futures Parenting Support course in an email from Katie (one of the course tutors).

We had stayed in contact after I had completed both the Essential Skills for Working with Children and Young People and Developing Emotional Resilience courses. Katie had in fact also helped me with my CV and this led to me getting back into employment after 3 years out of work.

The Parenting Support course has been really helpful: it's so much better to meet weekly with a group of people who are facing similar challenges to me than to participate in e-Learning courses where everything feels anonymous and impersonal.

Every week we have shared parenting anecdotes and discussed what we have been trying to improve with guidance from the course tutors, Katie and Chris. Reflecting on how our week has been has been really beneficial to me. It has helped to validate that I am improving as a parent.

I find that I learn most from the group discussions. I have picked up hints and tips not only from the course and the handouts we are given, but from discussions with the other parents on the course. It’s such a positive and caring environment, everyone supports each other and there is no judgement at all.

The course has helped me to feel less alone in feeling worried about how I parent and it has also allayed my fears that I'm not a good enough Mum. I know now that I am good enough and the fact I care enough to go to the course is proof that I’m doing a good job.

I will definitely continue to use some of the techniques we have learnt, such as negotiation and setting boundaries. There is so much of the material which is helpful now but can also be used at different stages of my child's life.

I have really enjoyed my time on the course and I hope to stay in touch with the other parents. Katie and Chris continue to be supportive and I would not hesitate to sign up for a Brightsparks course in the future.

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