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Do you want to improve your relationship with your children and young people?

We know that parenting children can be tough. But we also know it can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Our course helps you understand how to build strong and stable relationships with your children, whatever their age.

Our course will let you meet and share ideas and experiences with other parents as well as learn practical skills to help you build on your strengths (because everyone has them!) and put a plan together about any changes you want to make.

The course is based on the latest evidence and research and you’ll get an easy to read handbook and lots of help and support from our friendly tutors.

Positive Futures Parenting Support Programme Outline

The Positive Futures course is a 10 week evidence-based parenting programme for parents/carers of children and young people up to the age of 18. The sessions are two hours per week, either in a morning or early evening and the programme consists of ten sessions.

The courses will equip parents and carers with the practical skills and social support networks to help them support their children/young people’s social, emotional and educational development.

The key outcomes of the course are:

  • Improved parent self-confidence;

  • Greater ability to set routines and boundaries;

  • Greater understanding of a child’s emotional and development needs at different ages;

  • Improved self-awareness / emotional intelligence;

  • Reduced parental stress; and

  • Improved parent-child relationship.

The course has two main aims:

  • To improve relationships and communication between children, young people and their families; and

  • To improve children and young people’s behaviour at home, at school and in the wider community.

To this end, the objectives of the course are to provide parents with skills and strategies to:

  • Nurture their children and young people by encouraging them and listening to them;

  • Provide appropriate structure and boundaries for their children and young people; and

  • Take care of themselves so that they have more energy for their job of parenting, have less stress and can also model self-care to their children and young people.

Children and young people feel better when they are understood; when they have parents who are able to set authoritative boundaries; and when their parents value themselves.

Our course is based on the principles of the Take 3 Parenting Programme which is a recognised and evidence-based programme that was originally created to support parents of at-risk or vulnerable children/young people, whose challenging behaviour was causing problems for the parents and/or the community. The course is supported by a comprehensive, high quality resource pack, containing written and DVD material, so each session is interesting and engaging. Practical resources are underpinned by accessible background theory and we steer clear of powerpoint in favour of group discussions.

The course will be run six times in York from September 2018. The timing of the first four courses will be confirmed by the LAT service (by the end of July) and the course will be provided in each area as follows:

  • North: Clifton Children’s Centre: September - December 2018

  • West: Hob Moor Children’s Centre: January - April 2019

  • East: The Avenues Children’s Centre: April - July 2019

  • Central: evening course to be offered in the spring or summer term.

An additional two courses will also be run and the location will be determined by need. The sessions are run by two experienced and skilled facilitators, Katie Simpson, Director of Learning and Development, BrightSparks CIC and Christine Shipley, Learning and Development Associate.

Below is the basic outline of the course. There are also ten extra ‘pick and mix’ sessions focusing on specific issues which can be added to the basic course (covering topics such as drugs and alcohol, sexual health, sibling rivalry and step parents) which can be included.

Course overview

  • Session 1: Introduction – why are we all here?
  • Session 2: What is Childhood and Adolescence?
  • Session 3: Encouraging Children and Young People
  • Session 4:  The Power of Listening
  • Session 5: Challenging Behaviour and Listening  
  • Session 6: The Four Styles of Parenting
  • Session 7: Taking Stock, ‘I’ Statements and Boundaries
  • Session 8: Negotiating Boundaries and Consequences
  • Session 9: When Adults Disagree – more negotiation practice  
  • Session 10: Next Steps and Moving On (Peer support session facilitated by BrightSparks).

Parents are awarded a certificate on completion. Drinks and light snacks will be provided. It is possible to reimburse public transport costs (evidence required).

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