How to use a 'Behaviour Audit' to reduce challenging behaviour


Use the 'behaviour audit' to build a picture of when challenging behaviour occurs, to identify any triggers and reflect on your practice.

'One size fits all' definitely isn't the case when it comes to managing behaviour. It is about trying a range of strategies to see what works for you.

We hope that using this audit tool will help you to reflect on the situations where challenging behaviour occur, and develop a range of approaches to deal with those scenarios in future.

It could well be that you wouldn't do anything differently, but it is helpful to use the audit on a regular basis to see whether the strategy you are using still works or needs changing.

 Remember to always seek support from others and, if you can, document and share your behaviour audit with colleagues (within the bounds of confidentiality and obviously being mindful of safeguarding duties).

For more about managing challenging behaviour, take a look at our training course.