See how BrightSparks' Refugee Integration and Employability course helped Fatima & Suha


Fatima Darwash arrived from Syria in 2017. She attended BrightSparks' Refugee Integration & Employability course with her husband and had worked as a hairdresser in her home country. Suha Ali had been a nursery teacher and has ambitions to work in the UK once her language skills increase.

Both Fatima and Suha have young families and had been forced to flee their previous home by the devastating effects of war. Newly resettled in Hull as part of the UN Gateway Protection Programme, the women said that they felt the course had given them an insight into where to apply for and look for work.

They said that the course also helped them to support their families to understand the UK education system. Both women felt that Hull is a very friendly place and were grateful for the welcome they have received and funded courses such as this. They are studying English and are keen to progress.