Postcode Community Trust fund BrightSparks Emotional Resilience Programme


The Postcode Community Trust has funded BrightSparks to develop a toolkit of resources and information for school staff and parents about supporting children and young people to improve their emotional resilience.

Mental heath is an increasingly prevalent issue for children, young people and families. Statutory service cutbacks mean that finding support that is timely and accessible is an ongoing issue. Working with Haxby Road School in York, BrightSparks intends to address this by providing a range of practical strategies and support systems via an accessible tool kit (available online and offline) which will help teachers, pastoral staff and parents to feel confident guiding children and young people towards developing emotional resilience. Once developed and tested the toolkit will be rollout across all schools in York.

It is our hope that the tool kit will lead to fewer children and young people reporting mental health issues and a much more confidence within the education workforce about how to support good emotional health for children and young people. 

If you would like to talk to us about how our emotional resilience programme could benefit your school or organisation then please get in touch.