This course is perfect for small to medium size organisations that are looking to act as suppliers to the public sector. The course works well for junior and senior managers that are involved in business development or fundraising roles.

Rather than spend ages walking you through the monotony of the procurement cycle, our course focuses in on the 7 key aspects to consider when tender writing. These include:

  1. Understanding the language - PQQ, RFI, ITQ, ITT, RFT, DPS we clarify what they are on about

  2. To bid or not to bid? - developing a bid/no bid checklist for your organisation

  3. Understanding specifications - what do they want to buy?

  4. Good PQQs & Great ITTs - tips on what the commissioner is looking for and where your time is best spent

  5. Check and challenge - three essential steps before you hit the submit button

  6. The interview - the do's and don'ts when you get to stage 2

  7. Award - whether you win or not, you are not done yet.


We cover all this in 8 hours. However, we know that sometimes what participants are actually looking for is someone with an independent eye to review what they have written. So we build in the opportunity after the training to reserve a 40 minute slot with one of our tender experts so that we can give you some basic pointers on your tender and the confidence to go away and put our training into practice. This is an optional service and there is an additional fee for our experts to look through your tender and provide you with some tips and pointers. There will also be a limited number of appointment slots per training session, which will be offered on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in booking BrightSparks to deliver a course for your organisation, please get in touch to see how we can create customised training for your needs.