Great Endorsement of BrightSparks from North Yorkshire School


"I have worked with Katie (BrightSparks' Director of Research, Learning and Development) for over five years and parents have gone on to college and university as a result of the well thought out and accessible courses she has developed. Katie listens, draws on research and best practice, and works in partnership with others to get the best results for families.

"BrightSparks' approach to work with families is outstanding."

"At our school where parenting courses have historically not worked, BrightSparks have come in and delivered behaviour and child development training that is well structured, research led and accessible to all. These courses were cleverly advertised as courses for anyone interested in a career in child care. This approach has enabled our most vulnerable families to attend without stigma. Parents report back very positively on these courses and they are always well attended."

- N. Yorkshire School